patient recruitment

We understand your study's pain points and provide a full-funnel strategy to recruit eligible patients

Our Approach

Common Problem:

Not aware of patient recruitment methods used online by firms.

Our Solution: Audit

Not all studies are created equal. We audit how you're recruiting patients online and provide better alternatives.
Take advantage of analytics
There's power in data

Common Problem:

Using all or a few advertising marketing platforms without understanding each and using the wrong campaign objective.

Our Solution: Aggregate

We identify and aggregate the best advertising networks and social media platforms. And we identify the best marketing campaigns that best pairs with your studies.

Common Problem:

Launching campaigns without further optimization.

Our Solution: Accelerate

We launch your campaign study at full speed but we never forget the importance of pit stops. We optimize each step of the day.
Take advantage of analytics
Perform Cost-Effective Trials

Common Problem:

Receiving patient information but not contacting them soon enough or patients losing interest.

Our Solution: Acquire

We handle patient leads with care. We provide additional patient information to allow you to contact patients in more ways than one.