With Care Clinique, You’ll Never Feel Lost in Your Own Site Again

Getting lost at the back-end of your own recruitment site (or tracker) is one of the most frustrating things patient recruiters have to deal with..next to, actually recruiting qualified patients!

As technological advances rise, so do the expectations of the world to come up with medical advancements. While experts in various fields continue to pool their knowledge and resources to speed up clinical trial processes, still, the troublesome bottleneck, remains to be the recruitment of qualified and willing patients. 

Recruiters are turning to marketers and digital natives to help automize some of the tedious processes of patient recruitment such as filing and categorizing patients. A handful of startups have made their bid in the attempt to digitize patient recruitment just to find that recruiters and marketers speak completely different professional languages. That barrier has made the digital hub of recruiters confusing and difficult to navigate around. The learning curve that recruiters have to go through before actually benefiting from those sites waste a lot of their time and energy.

Technology is supposed to make life easier. It should either cut long processes short or provide an alternative solution to a traditional approach which is why Care Clinique has come up with a user-friendly experience for all patient recruiters.

You can ditch the long user manual, because almost anyone can learn how to use the back-end of Care Clinique in 10 minutes!

While Care Clinique has multiple functions on its back end, all those functions are easy to access. The messaging tab is created in a way that it functions much like your regular email app – whether on your laptop, mobile device, or your tablet. The pipeline is designed to work like any of the popular project management apps you already know how to use, and the main portal functions like any of your social media accounts.

This makes Care Clinique easier for anyone to use scratching out the learning curve and heavy on-boarding process recruiters usually go thru while adapting to new technology. With Care Clinique, you never have to feel lost in your own site again. Waste less time figuring out how to make your back end work so you have more time actually doing what you’re there for – patient recruitment.


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